Baby Wipe Kit
Baby Wipe Kit

Baby Wipe Kit

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Natural herbal baby wipe solution. Preservative free - perfect for your little babies bottom. Simply mix up the solution ready for soaking, add alongside your reusable baby wipes.

Kit Contains: 50ml bottle of witch hazel and rose water plus recipe instructions to make your own kit.

What next.. You need two containers with sealable lids. One is for soaking and the other for convenient daily use. Mix 1 tsp of each, rose water and witch hazel in 1 1/2 cups of water. Soak pre-cut strips of biodegradable wipes, brushed cotton or chosen fabric. Squeeze out excess and place in a the 2nd container to keep moist. Use to clean baby's bottom at each nappy change.

Follow with our Botty Balm as a soothing barrier.

The soiled wipes can be rinsed and laundered for re-use.


Storage Warning - Ensure toddlers can not access the soaking container liquid

Size: 2x 50ml bottles

Ingredients:      Witch Hazel Solution - A floral water containing pure witch hazel distillate (Harmaneiis Virginia).       Rose Water Solution - A floral water containing on NZ sourced rose distillate (Rosa damascena).