Often, we do not realise the impact of chemicals upon our body. What seems insignificant in small doses may build up and start to cause sudden reactions.

Some cleansers cover your entire vital skin organ and some 'natural' soap may contain rancidity inhibitors, colour to look good and cheap artificial fragrance. Myaura Naturals uses none of these, believing our turnover avoids spoilage, colour is not needed for cleansing. Pure essential oils (although more expensive) utilise their aromatherapy plus therapeutic constituents of the plant.

Our products are readily absorbed, although ointment-style wax balms are heavier due to the intense hydration needed for certain applications.

Myaura does not cut corners using cheap alternatives as we value our integrity. We concentrate on essential product without unnecessary extras.

Please patch test for suitability, especially those with historical or sensitivity issues. Even natural ingredients can affect an individual's immunity or cell composition i.e. nut oil in peanut allergies. We do not profess to have the answer for every individual, nor advocate a cure for any skin condition and suggest a reasonable trial period to monitor results.