What Effects our Skin

It is worth noting there are many causes which affect skin condition and subsequent problems. We are all very individual with genetic inheritance being out of our control. However, other factors may enter the equation and require thought as a healthy lifestyle balance is the key. These include:

Avoid sensitivity compounds or solutions either by direct contact, ingestion or inhalation.

Eat nutrient-rich whole grains, omega-containing fish, nuts & seeds and varied fruit & vegetables. Avoid fatty, over-processed foods, artificial ingredients and those high in sodium or sugar.

Avoid or protect from over-exposure to harsh sun, wind, pollution and work-based chemicals.

Adolescent changes, contraception, imbalances and menopause may require attention and treatment.

Drink at least 6 glasses of good  water a day and be aware of alcohol and stimulant beverage intake.

Rectify any health issues, lack of exercise is a factor, medication side-effects and stress. It's important to get some good quality sleep so cells/body can rejuvenate, increases the healing process.

Seasonal weather patterns can be directly attributed to skin condition changes, particularly hydration.