What is your Hair Type

It is generally believed that hair condition equates to skin type, i.e dry hair is usually associated with dry skin.  Your hair is fine or thin if it takes less than an hour to dry naturally.  Your hair is thick if it takes much longer than an hour.  

How to Determine Your Hair Type:

It is important to Shampoo the day before these tests to ensure only the natural condition is tested without any product enhancement.

  1. Dab and gently press a very fine layer of tissue onto the scalp and behind the ears, taking care not to rub it around. 
  2. Wait for one minute then carefully remove the tissue and hold it up to good light.
  3. Examining any marks as outlined below.

NORMAL Very faint erratic oily marks dispersed across the tissue.

DRY Hardly any oily traces on the tissue.

OILY Clear oily stains over most of the tissue and the hair sticks during step 1 above.

COMBINATION Oily patches on tissue from the scalp only, dry at the ends with hardly any oil traces on the tissue from the hair itself.