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The comments and opinions within are expressly those of the writer with the intention of providing awareness for further investigation by the reader. Research has been gathered from experience and various sources.  Myaura does not claim to have a miracle cure or solution to any skin complaints as all bodies react differently to ingredients and products on a cellular level and there are many contributing factors to skin issues from medical to dietary and lifestyle.  Myaura® Ltd. makes no medical claims to heal any skin conditions but does provide options for those seeking a more natural alternative to chemical or synthetic based products which may further aggravate many existing skin conditions. Myaura recommends these should be properly diagnosed by a registered medical practitioner.
Please ensure patch testing for suitability, particularly those with historical or sensitivity issues. All Myaura products are for external use only. The information within Myaura’s web site should not be considered a substitute for medical advice as any attempt to diagnose, self-diagnose or treat a condition should be under the direction of a registered health practitioner. The author is not a medical doctor and does not purport to diagnose, heal any conditions, prescribe remedies or act as persuasion. The knowledge given is strictly for education and Myaura Ltd takes no responsibility for its care content.  Please read and follow all label instructions carefully and use only as directed. Keep access away from small children and store away from heat below 25ºC.



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