Patch Test

Patch testing helps identify if a substance will cause irritation to your skin and is especially advised for those with sensitivity issues. However, these people should know what the allergen is and how it will be identified on any label ingredient listing. Reputed manufacturers provide product testers at their point of sale for you to sample.

How to Patch Test a product:
·         Rub a little of the product onto clean skin inside your elbow  
·         Do not rub or wash the area if it is not irritated
·         Monitor over 24 hours if possible
·         Look for itching or redness as you may be allergic to an ingredient
·         Remove immediately with signs of burning, itching, blisters or rash          
·         If extreme reaction occurs seek medical advice immediately
·         Assume the product is right for you to use if no reaction occurs.

Contact dermatitis is an inflammation or rash only on the skin area in direct contact with a substance, which often disappears once the item is avoided. Allergic dermatitis affects the immune system and is specific to an individual and particular substance. Reactions vary from an overall body rash to serious anaphylactic shock.